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MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at the time or not, or to channels(*). Both the sender's nickname and the target nickname or channel must be registered in order to send a memo. Type /msg MemoServ HELP COMMANDS for a list of MemoServ commands; to use a command, type /msg MemoServ command, or for more information on a command, type /msg MemoServ HELP command.

(*) By default, any user with at least level 100 (SOP) access on a channel can read that channel's memos. This can be changed with the ChanServ LEVELS command.

help commands
The following commands can be used with MemoServ:

SEND - Send a memo to a nickname or channel
LIST - List your memos
READ - Read a memo or memos
DEL - Delete a memo or memos
SET - Set options related to memos
INFO - Display information related to memos
IGNORE - Ignore memos from certain users

help send
Syntax: SEND {nickname | channel} memo-text

Sends the named nickname or channel a memo containing memo-text. When sending to a nickname, the recipient will receive a notice that he/she has a new memo. The target nickname/channel must be registered.

help list
Syntax: LIST [channel] [num | list | NEW]

Lists any memos you currently have. With NEW, lists only new (unread) memos. Unread memos are marked with a "*" to the left of the memo number. You can also specify a list of numbers, as in the example below:

LIST 2-5,7-9
Lists memos numbered 2 through 5 and 7 through 9.

help read
Syntax: READ [channel] {num | list | LAST | NEW}

Sends you the text of the memos specified. If LAST is given, sends you the memo you most recently received. If NEW is given, sends you all of your new memos. Otherwise, sends you memo number num. You can also give a list of numbers, as with the LIST command.

help del
Syntax: DEL [channel] {num | list | ALL}

Deletes the specified memo or memos. You can supply multiple memo numbers or ranges of numbers instead of a single number, as with the LIST command; you can also give the word ALL, which causes all of your memos to be deleted.

Warning: Once a memo is deleted, it cannot be recovered!

help set
Syntax: SET option parameters

Sets various memo options. option can be one of:

NOTIFY - Changes when you will be notified about new memos (only for nicknames)
LIMIT - Sets the maximum number of memos you can receive

Type /msg MemoServ HELP SET option for more information on a specific option.

help info
Syntax: INFO [channel]

Displays information on the number of memos you have, how many of them are unread, how many total memos you can receive and when you are notified of new ones. With a parameter, displays the same information for the given channel.

help ignore
Syntax: IGNORE {ADD | DEL | LIST} [nickname | mask]

Controls the list of "ignored" users; users whose nickname or user@host mask match an entry on this list are not allowed to send you memos. ADD adds the given nickname or user@host mask to your ignore list, and DEL removes the given nickname or mask from the list; LIST displays your current ignore list.

Note that the nickname or mask given to the ADD command may contain "*" or "?" wildcards, and is not case-sensitive; for example, "*Evil*" matches "EvilNick", "AN_EVIL_USER" and "devil".

help set notify

Changes when you will be notified about new memos:

ON - You will be notified of memos when you log on, when you unset /AWAY, and when they are sent to you.
LOGON - You will only be notified of memos when you log on or when you unset /AWAY.
NEW - You will only be notified of memos when they are sent to you.
OFF - You will not receive any notification of memos.

ON is equivalent to LOGON and NEW combined.

Note that if your nickname has the "secure" setting on, you will only be notified of new memos (for LOGON or ON) after you identify to Pl)H.

help set limit
Syntax: SET LIMIT [channel] limit

Sets the maximum number of memos you (or the given channel) are allowed to have. If you set this to 0, no one will be able to send any memos to you. However, you cannot set this any higher than 20.