PSIGenix IRC has been shut down, effective October 1, 2020.

[ Shutdown ]

It is with a heavy heart that we officially shut down PSIGenix IRC on October 1, 2020. It was a wild ride for over a decade, but both of the remaining server admins agreed that it is time to retire the network.

Farewell, PSIGenix. Thanks for the memories.

[ The Difference ]

The PSIGenix IRC Network differs from competition in how we focus on building and working with a smaller network while providing the services the big guys provide. By staying smaller, our network is more reliable, manageable and faster than the conglomerates.

[ The Story ]

The PSIGenix IRC Network was founded in 2003 to replace the Mediajoint IRC Network.

Mercarios, the founder, and shade, head technical administrator, of Mediajoint arranged to link up with a network then known as PsiBlade. Mercarios' servers (user server and irc services server) linked up with Jouva and Time's servers to form the new network, PSIGenix. Users from both networks were happy with the change. At 300 users the network was able to retain it's small community feel, but have enough users to stimulate growth.

In the summer of 2003 fLeSh, an oper from the former Mediajoint network, set up a server for the network. In early 2004 Tech, a new oper, joined the team with a server of his own.

Today PSIGenix is running with a pair servers in it's rotation. The network has up to 400 users at any given time. There are several Opers who are available at all times of the day to help out users with their questions and problems. As a small network we're able to have opers directly involved with supporting and promoting channels on our network.

[ Who's Welcome? ]

Our network currently focuses on gaming, science fiction and general chat however anyone is welcome to start up their channel on the PSIGenix IRC Network.

[ Technology ]

The PSIGenix IRC network uses UnrealIRCd running on Linux servers.

[ The Team ]