PSIGenix IRC has been shut down, effective October 1, 2020.

[ How Do I Connect? ]

If you are on Windows, we suggest downloading mIRC and then visit: this handy tutorial written by pleia2.

If you are on a Mac, we suggest downloading ircle. You will want to connect to port 6667.

If you are on *nix, we suggest downloading xchat. You will want to connect to port 6667.

[ Services Commands ]

Services are the set of tools offered on IRC (such as Chanserv and Nickserv) that make your life easier. Here are some of the most important basic commands. Note that you can always get all the commands by typing either /msg chanserv help or /msg nickserv help.

Basic Nickserv Commands:
Register your nickname - /msg nickserv register [password] [email]
Identify with your nickname - /msg nickserv identify [password]
Get rid of a ghost nick or someone using your nick - /msg nickserv ghost [nickname] [password]
Nickserv settings help - /msg nickserv help set

Basic Chanserv Commands:
Register a channel - /msg chanserv register [#channel] [password] [description]
Help with adding/removing channel operators - /msg chanserv help access
Show all chanserv commands - /msg chanserv help commands

Basic Memoserv Commands:
Send a message to another user/channel - /msg memoserv send [nickname | channel] memo-text
Read memos - /msg memoserv read [channel] {num | list | LAST | NEW}
Show all memoserv commands - /msg memoserv help commands

[ Basic IRC ]

Join a specific channel - /join [#channelname]
Display an action - /me has done an action
Send a private message to another user - /msg [username] message-text
List all channels on network - /list
Leave a channel - /part
Get info on an online user - /whois [username]

[ Channel and User Modes ]

Basic Channel Modes:
+t - only channel ops can change topic
+r - channel is registered with chanserv
+n - no messages are allowed from outside the channel
+o - given user has operator status
+m - moderated channel, only users with +o/h/v may speak
click here for other channel modes

Basic User Modes:
+x - gives user a hidden hostname (set when you connect to our server)
+i - invisible (not shown in /who)
click here for other user modes

[ More Help ]

For more help, stop by #support or message an online IRCOP (staff).