PSIGenix IRC has been shut down, effective October 1, 2020.

[ Rules ]

  1. No ban evasion.
  2. No DDoSing or similar attacks.
  3. No mass-cloning. (over 3 simultaneous connections from one host)
  4. No Wingates and open proxies. (They are automatically terminated upon discovery)
  5. No flooding. Channel owners can use mode +f to prevent flooding)
  6. No serving child pornography. (Normal file servers are OK)
  7. No unauthorized advertising. (including advertising channels and websites)
  8. No Bottler, IRC-Ork and XDCC Catcher programs. (They are automatically terminated upon discovery)
  9. No Guest* nicknames.
Be sure to follow channel rules as posted or requested. Other network rules that are not listed may be applied as necessary in some situations.