PSIGenix IRC has been shut down, effective October 1, 2020.

[ Linking Guidelines ]

The PSIGenix Network is always looking for good people with good servers to link to. Please review the following guidelines before contacting us about a link.

  1. Server
    1. Operation of an IRC server must be permitted under the service agreement of your server. Many hosting companies no longer allow IRC servers due to their vulnerability to attack.
    2. Must run a flavor of BSD or Linux.
    3. Must have at least 99% guaranteed uptime.
    4. Must be a dedicated box, no "ircd shells"
    5. Must have at least T1 speeds, no business or home DSL/cable lines will be considered
    6. Must be able to handle at least 1 gig per month in IRC traffic.
    7. Must be able to run and install software we need to keep the server running properly - ntpd, upgrades to the IRCD, regular security updates.
    8. Ability to implement SSL is a plus.
  2. Server Administrator
    1. Must be reasonably knowledgable about Unix and IRC.
    2. Must be a mature individual who is willing to work with our staff
    3. Must abide by all Oper Rules
  3. PSIGenix Services must be used, we will not consider linking to a server that retains their own services package.
  4. ssh access to the ircd user must be granted to at least one of the senior staff

The senior PSIGenix staff reserves the right to deny or remove a link at their discretion. Please note that satisfying all these guidelines does not guarantee you a link to the PSIGenix Network.

A 30 day trial period applies to all server applicants to insure stability and compatiblity. During this time the server owner will be restricted to being an local IRCop on their server and may not add any opers of their own.